One-Time Notification: How To Use This Feature

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Messenger recently replaced subscription messaging with the new one-time notification feature. This powerful new tool allows you to broadcast timely follow-up messages outside the 24-hour window.

TL;DR - Check out the tutorial video at the bottom of this article 👇

We’re excited to announce that ShopPop is one of the first companies to have fully integrated the one-time notification feature for Messenger! It opens a lot of potential for new Messenger campaigns and we can’t wait to show it to you.

But first, what is the one-time notification?

This new feature allows a page to send a follow-up message after the 24-hour messaging window has ended.

You first need to ask people if they want to receive a future notification about a specific topic. Once someone asks to be notified, the page will get permission to send a single message. It’s the perfect example of permission-based marketing!

Let’s show you a few use cases that allow you to leverage the power of 90% open rates and up.

Pre-save + release day DM

A prime example of using the one-time notification feature for artists is a pre-save and release campaign. When you’re promoting your pre-save campaign, ask people to opt in to a one-time notification. Schedule a DM for release day and notify people the moment your song is released.

An example of using the OTN feature as a DM scheduler for new releases

Upcoming event reminder

Imagine you’re hosting an event, like a signing session for your new book launch or a live webinar on Zoom. Ask people to opt in to a notification for when tickets go on sale, or the event is about the start. Make sure it’s sold out and people who want to join get a DM reminder.

Increase your webinar attendence rates with a DM reminder

New product drop notification

A popular online retail trend is building hype well in advance of a new drop, so you can move your products fast. Let people schedule a one-time notification when the product drops, so it sells out immediately. Don’t forget to ask them if they want a notification when your next drop is available!

An example of using the OTN feature for a product drop

How to follow up after the one-time notification?

This new feature allows you to send people that opted in one message. There should be a clear relationship between the initial opt-in and the notification itself. When people engage with the notification, you can add a flow with a request to send another one-time notification.

This way, you can create rolling consent to send messages outside the 24-hour Standard Messaging window. Like subscription messaging, but on a clear opt-in basis!

How to get permission to use it?

This is as simple as clicking ‘Confirm’ and you will have received permission, so you’ll be able to do this in under a minute. Just go to your Facebook Page’s Settings -> Advanced Messaging -> Requested Features -> One Time Notification

Requesting access to the one-time notification beta feature

What’s the policy for this feature?

Here’s how Messenger asks you to use this new feature:

  • Don’t confuse, deceive, defraud, mislead, spam or surprise anyone. Make sure that there is a clear and obvious relationship between the prompt and the content of the message. The content of the one-time notification request and the message must comply with community standards.
  • Don’t incentivize this action. Don’t promise users money, or equivalent to sign up for messages.
  • Pages that receive high volumes of negative user feedback or that confuse, deceive, defraud, mislead, or negatively surprise users will lose access to the API.

Video tutorial: How to Use Facebook Messenger's One-time Notification Feature

How to Use Facebook Messenger's One-time Notification Feature

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