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The Inbox displays all your channel’s conversations in one place and allows you to filter and provide customer support in real-time.

Log into your POP dashboard and navigate to the Inbox section, give it a spin and let us know what you think! We greatly value your feedback, of course.

Here are a few use cases for using the Inbox feature:

1. Filter out questions which need manual answering

FAQ menus are a great way to handle customer service at scale. But what about people who can’t find an answer to their question?

If you add our ‘Raise to inbox’ component to a flow, the conversation will show at the top of your Inbox so you can answer questions manually.

You can even assign these conversations to different support representatives if you’re working as a team. Use this to jump in for live support!

Filter for support in the Inbox

You can add the ‘Raise to inbox’ component to any other flow, as well. This allows you to include moments into your flows where the conversation is escalated to the Inbox.

2. Re-engage your segments

If you’re running a campaign that separates uninterested users, make sure you use a Quick Reply that segments these people. This will allow you to follow up manually at some later point.

Ask them why they didn’t like your offer. What you could’ve done better. This is your chance to improve your messaging campaigns. Every no is a potential yes.

Re-engage your segments in the Inbox

Filter for the segment of unengaged users in Inbox and start conversations to get them back on board.

3. Win a DM meet & greet

Your social channels must be buzzing and your Messenger inbox overheated. While your business is growing, it becomes increasingly difficult to answer all your messages personally.

Hold a competition and have a one-on-one chat with the winners. Offer fans the chance to speak to their favorite artist. Like a DM meet & greet!

Win a DM meet & greet in the Inbox

Link to a flow and ask people a question only your most loyal fans could answer. Use the ‘Raise to inbox’ component so people who answer correctly pop up as an open conversation in the Inbox.

Surprise a select few fans by personally greeting them with a DM and meeting them for a chat, straight from Inbox.

Quickstart guide: How to use our Inbox for your Messenger account

Since Inbox is still in beta, we greatly value any and all feedback you have. Let us know how you plan to use this new feature to grow your business!

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